Looking for (pop) singing lessons in Haarlem? Do you already have experience and need some finetuning? Want some extra help with a specific job or performance? Of never had lessons before, but it just seems fun?

You are more than welcome in any case, and I'm sure I can help you on your way!

My lessons are based on de VTS and CVT techniques, populair in the popmusic culture and suitable for young and old, experienced or not experienced.

In my opinion, making music (especially singing) is very personal en should always be about enjoying yourself. Therefor I do not have one standard program, but I adjust it around what's the best fit for each student. Besides vocal techniques we will also work on confidence, nerve, creativity and performance and there is room for your own wishes and goals.

Contact me for more information and a free trial lesson!

PRICING (30 mins per lesson)
Single lesson private/duo                           €25,- / €40,-     
10-lesson package private/duo                  €217,50 / €375,- 
25-lesson package private/duo                 €525,- / €875,-   
(Prices are ex VAT. Below age 21: 0% VAT, above age 21: 21% VAT)